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Back in the day our founder Larry used to walk into Chicago office buildings unannounced and ask to speak with the office manager. “Give me a chair you are thinking of throwing out and let me reupholster it. If you don’t like it, the job is free. If you do like it, give me some more chairs!”
Customers loved his straight shooting style, green approach, and most importantly, the finished product. Needless to say, Larry was given a lot of chairs!
For the last 34 years, our business has been creating beautiful custom furniture for residents and commercial spaces alike. We also revitalize and reinvent quality pieces. Our expert craftsmen reupholster furniture, refinish wood, and refurbish leather. Together with our interior design team, we help our clients create exactly what they have envisioned. When you trust Covers Unlimited with your furniture, our promise is to ensure your project is delivered just the way you imagined. Once you see the finished product we’re sure you will want to “Give us more chairs!”

How it started and who we are:
Since 1987

Kevin Shapin




Mark Smith

Director of Sales




Susan Rix

Design and Project



Ruben Carrillo

Director of Plant Operations

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