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Summer Lovin': From Street Fashion to Home Fashion

As we usher in July and the summer heat, we look forward to that slow down we all need this time of year. The epitomy of a a lazy summer day: relaxing in our favorite rocking chair - sipping lemonade - soaking in the sounds of summer and admiring Mother Nature's bold serge of colors.

Designers Guild - Mariedal Cobalt

This season we welcome Designers Guild's Mariedal Cobalt fabric. This cool and modern cotton textile has been digitally printed - greying out the background while adding pops of beautiful color reverberating throughout the textile.

Much of home fashion we see each season is tied to the runways, but also to street fashion. Street fashion is fun and bold and allows us to break the rules! As we mourn the passing of famed New York Times Street Style Photographer, ​​ Bill Cunningham, we remember what his creative eye brought to the pages every Sunday. One of his quotes shows what he was looking for as he trolled the streets of New York City on his bicycle,

"A lot of people have taste,

but they don't have the daring to be creative."

You might be hesitant to think this way with home decor, but our rocking chair above speaks to those of us that are tired of basic black, and while we embraced grey as the modern tone of the moment - long for that vase of flowers as the centerpiece of a space. So put on that floral skirt and show it off in the summer sun, and next time you see a chair at one of this summer's many markets, reupholster it in something not so safe and practical. It may become your favorite year round!


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