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Moving Day: Thinking Outside the Boxes!

The idea of moving, for most of us, is met with an uneasy feeling,

and even under the best of circumstances, it can be overwhelming.

Anticipating what will work in a new space is often a guessing game,

and the idea of packing old or worn furniture is usually not anyone's

idea of a fresh start. But, reupholstery and refinishing, just like a fresh

coat of paint, can be a new beginning for you and your furniture!


Heirlooms: A Breath of Fresh Air!

We recently worked with a client who's first email to us was titled, "Moving To Do List". She was preparing to relocate from the city to the suburbs, and had a number of heirlooms that needed some reupholstery and refinishing love. We worked with the client to source fabrics, and stain colors. With the clock ticking closer to moving day, we established a timeline consisting of fabric selection and ordering, on-site refinishing consultation, furniture pick-up from the old house, and coordinating delivery to the new house. The project consisted of a total of 8 beautiful vintage heirlooms. We re-upholstered, refinished, and freighted the project to her new home in the suburbs for a fraction it would have cost to purchase and deliver new pieces!

Moving Day Before
Moving Day After

Above is the before and after of Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair, designed for Knoll. This refreshed Tulip Chair is going in the client's new home office and will serve as her desk chair. Tulip Chairs are versatile pieces, and would also make for a great side chair in a sunny white kitchen to sit and scroll through images on Houzz!

If you've got a basement full of heirlooms, or a few pieces you've inherited that have seen better days - take a moment before you call your local donation center, and give reupholstery a thought. It may be the perfect way to update a doughty piece into a refreshed, personalized addition to your space!

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