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Not all Upholsterers

are Craftsmen

Finding the right craftsmen for your project can be an arduous task. Following is a handy check-list to help you qualify the right furniture craftsmen for your project:


  • Are all layers of fabric, foam, Dacron and staples removed?
    Many upholsteres layer new fabric over existing. This can cause several issues with the longevity of your piece. Starting with a clean slate is paramount in achieving a high quality re-upholstered piece that will last many years to come.


  • Will your frame, foam and interior suspensions be examined?
    Framework, foams and suspensions are the core of your piece. Without a sturdy and strong foundation, your piece's lifespan may be decreased.


  • What's the turn-around time?
    Our lead times are typically between 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your fabric and have your piece in our shop.

  • Is there qualified freight service offered to pick-up and deliver your pieces?
    We work with experienced courteous freight drivers to ensure your pieces arrive to us and are given back to you safe
    and sound.

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